If you are looking for insight into how to leverage your most valuable resources, ofPartner can help.

Information and tools to support your organizations goals

What We Do

ofPartner was formed to improve the way operations are managed.  Collecting and presenting information about how individuals, teams and organizations work is at the core of everything we do.

Why We Do It

Because the lack of quality management information leads to decisions made by supposition, conjecture, or opinion which leads to poor results and missed opportunities.

Products and services

This unique tool provides leadership unprecedented insight into a firm’s operation by analyzing the activities performed by each person within the firm.  Developed specifically for law firms, this tool provides a unique holistic view of your organization and can be used to identify strategic initiatives, clarify and focus individual roles, and help you proactively manage your personnel.

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Designed to facilitate communication between employees and their supervisors, this tool enables a supervisor to quickly ascertain each employee’s workload, so work can be routed from those who need assistance, to those who can assist.

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